Friday, February 20, 2009

Trip to Auckland

Where do I start and where do I end? So much has happened in the last 10 days that I feel I cannot keep up with it. I saw these 10 days the Lord working and leading me more than I have ever seen it before. I saw closed doors that I thought will never open because it was impossible humanly speaking but the Lord opened them. I have never ever lived such an adventure with God and I so glad God chose to teach me so many things while passing me through the valley of darkness.

We left Romania on Monday being supposed to stop for 3 hours in London and then in Dubai to change the planes before we were supposed to reach Auckland, New Zealand. We where were supposed to stay there for a couple of day and then continue our flight to Vanuatu.

When we reached London, we were told the plane is stopping in Australia (the ticket didn't mention that aspect – we only knew that the plane is stopping somewhere for fueling). So, here we were, needing a visa for Australia and not being able to take the flight. We could have applied for an Australian visa but that meant to stay in London for a few days. It seemed there is no way out and we have to buy other tickets but the Lord had a solution for us. One of the ladies who was working for Emirates changed out ticket to Air New Zealand so we had to stop in Hong Kong instead of Dubai and Australia. The flight was only in 24 hours so we had to stay a day in London. Thank God for Irina and Gabi who were willing to squeeze in and put us up for a nigh and for the lady who didn't charge us a penny for the change even if the ticket was more expensive.

Since we were going to be in London for a day, we decided that it will be good to see a little bit of the city. The weather forecast was not too promising. Rain and strong wind has been announced for the next day. But the Lord was good again. Not only there was no rain, but we had sunshine and a very good time visiting for a few hours the well known places.

Tuesday evening, we presented ourselves at the check in desk just to be told we cannot leave because we need a visa for Vanuatu. All our efforts and reasoning were in vain. They system said we need a visa and nothing but official papers that we didn't have could change their mind. It was late. All the check in desks were closed and a lot of officers were around us trying to figure out what to do with us. Time was passing by and no solution was in the sight. We tried to make some phone calls but nothing seemed helpful. Somebody suggested that we buy refundable tickets but we didn't have the money. And anyway, the tickets could have not been issues before long. Time was passing by, the check in was supposed to close and we still didn't have a solution. Finally, an elderly officer said: I assume the resposability of letting them go. That meant he will get a fine of 3000 pounds if we were sent back from Vanuatu because we didn't have a visa. God bless this man for his goodness. They asked us to write to them and let them know if everything was OK. So, this was again another big miracle.