Friday, February 14, 2014

Our Love Story: What I Liked About Roman from the Very Beginning

This is part 3 of our Love Story. 
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I have never celebrated Valentine's Day and I do not make such a big deal out of this day. I find it hard to say Happy Valentine's Day because it has no meaning to me, but I like to find excuses to celebrate and do something special. So Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse for celebrating. Today, since I am far away from my sweetheart and we cannot do something special together, I decided to blog about what I liked about him from the very beginning.

The very first think that impressed me was the fact that he is a thinker. He was not content with swallowing the ideas that I presented in the workshop. He started thinking about what he heard and wanted to share his thoughts and ideas with me. It has never happened to me before. I was surprised and I loved it.

Than while we were talking, he wanted to draw my attention to something I said in the workshop that could have been interpreted in a wrong way. He did this with so much tact. I was again impressed. It showed me that he can approach difficult subjects with very much wisdom and tact. I am so thankful that he has this quality!

God has also used him to show me something. Before Youth in Mission I was wondering if we should have an all night prayer meeting during YiM. I decided that it would be too much since I was not going to get too much sleep at night. But while talking to Roman, he asked me to tell him more about the all night prayer meetings and if we are going to have one. Before he did that another friend asked the same thing. So, when Roman asked the same question, I knew that the Lord is speaking to me and I should ask permission to have an all night prayer meeting.

I was also impressed by his attire. I could see that he knows how to dress, how to match colors. Actually, he seemed quite trendy to me. He was not extravagant, which is usually associated with being trendy, but he simply looked good in what he was wearing. Not to say that he was good looking.

Well, to understand better why I liked Roman from the very beginning, I decided to share with his permission an excerpt from one of his emails to me. Right after we started corresponding, in his second email to me Roman told me that he wants to get to know me better. I wrote back asking why me and if he is sure that this is what the Lord wants. Here it is what he wrote back:

Raluca, I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts with me about the topic I raised. I would like to encourage you never to allow anyone or anything to get between you and Jesus! It is inspiring to know that there are people who are honest about their relationship with the Lord! To be honest, it would make things much easier and less complicated if the Lord made it clear to me that I should not be interested in having a relationship and if I knew that God's way for me is to stay single and happy with Him! For a relationship does cost time and effort, and this effort will only be blessed if it is from the Lord.

I hate to waste time... And whatever is going to happen I like you as a person (as little as I was able to get to know you) and sister in the Lord and would be glad if we could be friends in sharing and growing to a higher experience with God.

Nevertheless I have been asking God for a while to take away any interest in getting married if He wants me to stay single. But I have also prayed that if He wants me to be in a relationship to prepare me for my wife and her for me.

I believe that God places good desires/wishes in our hearts. When I try to imagine how a wife would be like, in my mind she is a woman who can pray.

Sister White stated that the biggest curse for a minister is an unsanctified wife! This really made me think! I am thinking that I'd rather stay single than to make the wrong decision. I want the full blessing of the Lord, not His curse!

I also prayed for a wife who would bring me closer to God, who would inspire me to be a better Christian.

Beside the fact that the Lord created you in a way that glorifies Him as Creator (and is notable from me as a man), it was the spiritual aspect that interested me the most. If it had not been for that, I would not have asked permission to get to know you better.

I am a very practical person. To decide if a relationship might be considered (which we are not talking about) it is helpful to simply get to know a person better. When I could see that the goals in life are different, than the answer is clear.

If a relationship is not helping both persons to grow spiritually and to come closer to God, it is a waste of time. I do not want anything like that.

I am more of a private person. I do not need a lot of people around to be happy and also do not open up to everyone. Still sometimes I meet a person in whom I can trust even though I have known this person only briefly. I don't know why, but I found it easy to trust you.

I find it interesting that God put the desire in my heart to have a deeper experience in prayer, and it is also interesting that your booth (ARME) was right next to ours, what gave me the opportunity to talk to you. I think He made me trust you and be open with you even though I hardly knew you. I do not think that it is by chance that shortly before YiM I was writing with your friend Marisa who told me that your prayer ministry had an impact on her life.

All these things do not necessarily mean anything. But I am observing and trying to evaluate the information. I am also praying for a better understanding.

I can say that I am absolutely with you! It is a big deal who we are friends with and how we are using our time. If by any means that fact that we are friends would distract you or me from God, I agree that this should not happen.

I am happy being single. Still sometimes there is something missing. Maybe like with Adam who spent time with Jesus, after Jesus left, he had none to share with what he had experienced that day.

If this desire is not from God, could you do me a favor and pray that God would take it away?

Have a good night.

Tell me, how could I not love this guy?

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  1. Happy Valentine . . . God bless you both. Magda

  2. Beautiful! Thank you SO much for sharing your love story! It has been an inspiration to me as I read through how the Lord brought the two of you together! Blessings!

  3. Raluca, I totally love your love story! I am so glad such love still endures and shows itself from time to time. I pray God to richly bless you and Roman in your future life together and make you a huge blessing for those around!

  4. I remember.... When this conversation btw you two happened.... ;-) And you were like, "Melody pray for me to know Gods will!" So excited to see how God has revealed His will to you.

  5. Roman's email made me cry! :) I hope i'll get one like this someday! :P