Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Slight Turn in the Road

My husband and I started a new journey a little more than two weeks ago. And we are very excited about it. We prayed about it. We fasted for it. We ask the Lord to guide and supply for our needs and He has done it faithfully. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude to Him.

It has been for a while that we felt called to become medical missionaries. So we prayed and fasted and asked God to lead and show us what to do, where to go to get medical missionary training. This is how we ended up coming to Centurion Ministries in Tennessee. We are 2.5 weeks into our training. We have 1.5 weeks left and we are so happy with everything we have learned here so far.

We started realising more and more the importance of the medical missionary work for around a year. And we also realise that the Medical Missionary work will be one of the last two works that will be done until Jesus comes. And it is the thing that will open the door to many hearts that will not open to the Gospel otherwise. Read this inspiring quotes:

"We have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work." CME 10

When one thinks that this quote was written in 1902, how much more relevant it is for us today! And this is only one of the many quotes that speak about this.

"Medical missionary work is the pioneer work of the gospel, the door through which the truth for this time is to find entrance to many homes. God’s people are to be genuine medical missionaries, for they are to learn to minister to the needs of both soul and body... As they go from house to house they will find access to many hearts. Many will be reached who otherwise never would have heard the gospel message." CCh 308

"I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines but medical missionary work... You will never be ministers after the gospel order till you show a decided interest in medical missionary work, the gospel of healing and blessing and strengthening...." Ev 523

"Some utterly fail to realise the importance of missionaries being also medical missionaries. A gospel minister will be twice as successful in his work if he understands how to treat disease.... A minister of the gospel, who is also a medical missionary, who can cure physical ailments, is a much more efficient worker than one who cannot do this. His work as a minister of the gospel is much more complete." Ev 519

We have ministered to souls to far. We have done prayer ministry. We have been giving bible studies and teaching people about God. But we realised that we are missing the medical missionary training in order to be fully equipped. So we are happy that God opened this door for us.

We love the training that we are getting and we would recommend anybody to join the four weeks training that lays a very good foundation for further study. It may seem short, but it is very intense and one would learn things that are not usually taught in other medical missionary schools. We love that it not only teaches you to be a medical missionary in an institution, to be a leader and to do the work on your own, to assess and treat naturally even the most difficult diseases like cancer in advanced stages. 

Pray for us as we are starting this journey and waiting for the Lord's leading when we are done. Even though there are still many things to figure out about our future, we know that it is going to be exciting working for God as medical missionaries.


  1. Hi Raluca, I am very happy to see a new post on your blog. I discovered your blog two months ago and I was waiting a new post! Your testimonies helped me a lot about relationships! I have a desire to be missionary, I live in Brazil and I love to participate in church plants projects here. Now Im in a new SDA church in a rich neighborhood, sometimes its difficult to do evangelism work here... Well, but God will help us! I would like to do missionary works in other countries, but sometimes I feel a little bit discouraged, because I see a lot of positions to work as a missionary in the Medical Area. I am librarian and I like to teach languages. And I really dont want to do medicine or nurse course, I like to be librarian and I like to teach. But sometimes when I read magazines, websites or other adventist resources I see most missionaries doing missionary work as medical missionaries, sometimes I feel that only if I am nurse, doctor or other professional in Medical Area I would be called to work in missionary field. I read that you have worked in missionary field. You have experience in missionary work abroad, could you give some advice to people that wants to be missionary, but they dont have knowledge or professional experience in Medical Area? Thanks a lot and I will be praying for you and your husband at this new journey! God bless you!

    1. Dear Bruna,

      thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It was always encouraging to see young people who want to serve the Lord. I am glad to hear that our testimony was a blessing to you!

      I know that it is difficult to witness to rich people. But you know what? As a medical missionary it is much easier to reach out to them because they are also sick and they also need healing! Most often they are interested in a vegan diet and in healthy eating. So as a medical missionary, that is your opportunity to reach out to them. You do not have to be a nurse or a doctor to be a medical missionary. Both my husband and I have no medical background whatsoever. We read "Counsels on Diets and Foods" and "Ministry of Healing" and we have also heard a few things here and there, but we do not have any formal medical education. But as I have said earlier, someone does not need to study nursing or medicine. My husband and I plan on studying more and going deeper into things. We are also planning on doing medical ministry full time.

      So I want to encourage you to study the books on health that Ellen White wrote, study the human body and how it functions and go to a medical missionary school where you can learn natural remedies. You can also learn a lot from the internet. If you are interested I can recommend you some school. The one that we are attending is only a month long. If you want more information, go to Contact and leave me a message and your email so I can email you.

      Thanks for your prayers. I pray that God will lead you and use you and show you how to be the most effective in His work! Blessings!

    2. Hi Raluca,

      I was just wondering how much the 4 weeks training course costs and how do I contact centurion ministries?

      Thanks and God Bless

    3. Hi Maybeh,

      If you go in the upper right corner of the blog, to Contact and drop me an email with your email address, I can give you the information you want! :-)