Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back to the Civilization for a Few Days

Here I am, on Santo Island for a few days after almost 5 weeks of no Internet access... I have come to get my visa and I am thankful to have a few days off from school and to be able to meet Mario and share how God is working in our lives. It thrills my heart when I see that God is at work and that He is so mighty and powerful. Believe me, we have lots of stories to share (as ni-Vanuatu people would say). Mario and I have been going all around the town yesterday afternoon and today shopping and trying to do everything we need to do before we go back on Monday to our villages. I am so thankful he knows the town and is so kind as to take me around.

I will be back tomorrow with more news about my life in Malua-Bay and how God is working there.

If you want to see pictures just go here: