Thursday, April 16, 2009

More About Malua Bay


Three weeks have passed since I came here. I am so happy I moved into my house. Even though it has no windows and I do not shelves for my books and cloths, it feels so good to have your own house, my own place. It is true that the rats and ants are going all over the place at all times but I still prefer living here than with some other family. I watch the rat every night running on the beams of my house and I also hear it every night when it comes to check what I have in the kitchen. So I have my own Zoo in my house. Sometimes we play hide and seek.  It’s been also good to be able to cook for myself. Somebody gave me a propane tank and another person a stove so I can cook in my house. Last week people kept bringing me fruits and vegetables. I had so many that I didn’t need to cook and I have also shared some with other teachers. I have eaten so far lots of papaya and avocado and pomelo.

I have finally started using the drum-oven since some students set it up for me. The firewood that people use here is very light and it takes lots of it to be able to bake but it is good to have something than nothing. So every Friday I bake bread and usually some banana bread and I share most of it with teachers and the church members at the fellowship launch on Sabbath.

Being a single girl has sometimes some disadvantages in the jungles. One of them is that people try to marry you. I have three options so far . There are two families who said they would like me to marry their sons and the minister’s wife wants me to marry her brother. So it is hard to choose at this time !!! I keep telling them I am not going to marry a ni-Vanuatu boy but it seems useless. It’s good that none of these boys are here in the village. This makes things easier for me for the time being.

I like so much the schedule I have here. Usually I wake up around 5, 5:10 and I go jogging for 35-40 minutes. Then I stop on the shore to talk to God. After that I go and take a shower, then I go and read my Bible. At 7:45 I have to go to the teacher’s worship. After the worship I come and eat if I do not have the first class period. It’s soo good to be able to stay on rock on the shore and talk to God… Sometimes on Sundays or when we do not have classes, after I jog I go to pray and read also my Bible on the shore. I just love this jungle life. I wouldn’t trade it for nothing in the world.