Thursday, January 10, 2013


Sometimes I wonder how would our lives look like if we gave Him everything?
What if we gave Him all our gifts?
What if we give Him all our words and actions?
What if we gave Him our worst fears?
What if we gave Him those things we have been holding on and fighting for?
What if we give them the things that we want the most in this world?
What if we asked Him to take full control of our lives?
What if we allowed Him to do anything He wants with our lives?
What if we gave Him the things that we love the most?
What if we gave Him our singleness or marriages?
What if we allowed Him to be glorified through everything we are and have?

We all know that He is LOVE. He would never do anything to hurt us.
He loves us more than we love ourselves.
And He is wiser than us.
Than, why is it that we find so hard to give Him everything?
Is it because we do not know Him? Or we do not trust Him?
Or because we do not believe that He is real?

You see, God has a plan for our lives that is part of a bigger plan.
A plan that is not of this world, that is much bigger than us. A plan that is part of eternity.
And when we give Him all that we have, our lives become part of this bigger plan. A part of a plan more wonderful than our wildest dreams. A part of eternity.
Oh, when we will realize that by holding on to our lives we are missing a fuller and richer life?
We are actually missing the best parts.

God, You have my life. You have my everything. I give You my joys and my worst fears.
I give You the things that I want the most. I give You my singleness. I give You my plans. I give You my desires. I give You my dreams. I give You my words and actions.
I give You my all...
You can do anything You want with my life.
It is all Yours.


  1. Thanks dear! This is so wonderful. This is also my fight, too!

  2. Dear Raluca ... very nice music and words ... God is sooo good... May He bless you and all the visitors of this blessed blog... Jesus wants us to be with Him so strongly that He really invests all He can for us to be there.. Thank you Jesus.