Friday, February 1, 2013

It Is Better to Give Than to Receive

It's been a while since I promised myself to try and blog more about what He has been teaching me, but as you see, I did not find the time to do it. So I am thankful for Friday nights when I can spend time with the Lord and try to write down some of his blessings.

One of the things God keept showing me it is that it is better to give than toreceive. A little more than a month ago He reminded me again that He can do much more than I think if I give Him everything I have. It was a month and a half ago that I was talking to a friend. I was telling her how excited I was that I saw her on the list of the attendees of IMPACT Scandinavia (Sweden, December 2012). She told me that she registered, but she cannot come. She did not have the money. "I will pray that God will provide the money for the trip!" was my answer. But as soon as I said it, God reminded me: "Raluca, you have money in your bank account."

You see, two months prior to that, I went to a congress. They could not pay for the plane ticket so someone offered to pay for it. A month after I came back home, the leadership decided that they had the money to pay for my plane ticket, so they sent me the money. This is why I had money in my bank account, but I was planning on saving it for the next time when people could not pay for my trip. 

"Raluca, you have money in your bank account." 
"But, Lord, what if someone cannot pay for my trip?"
"Don't you think that I can take care of that when the time comes? Remember how I paid your way to Portugal, to Germany, to the US?"
"Yes, Lord, I remember."

So, I gave in. I went online, searched for a plane ticket and bought it. The amount of money needed was exactly what I had in the bank account. 

Two weeks later I was in Sweden. One evening, I checked my email before going to my room for the night. I was surprised to see an email from someone I respect. Both he and his wife have been a huge inspiration to me. I had volunteered and helped them with some projects because I was passionate about those things. I was really shocked when I read "We all appreciate so very much all you have done this year to help with "such and such projects"!  We want to send you a very small love gift for all your hard work..." It had never crossed my mind that I could ever be paid for my work. I did it simply because I loved it. And the amazing thing is that the amount of money that they sent me was double the amount of money I paid for my friend's plane ticket. Tell me that God is not amazing! 

Well God, You won again... You showed me again that you can do exceedingly abundantly above all I can think or ask. I just pray that next time I will not hesitate to share the blessings You have given me. 

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