Sunday, February 3, 2013

Heaven Cannot Come Soon Enough

It was only yesterday that I prayed for her as I was going through my prayer list and I came to Matteson Mission School. Today, as I came to the same place, I know that prayers for her are of no use. I can only pray for her friends and loved ones who mourn her loss. 

It was only yesterday that I was looking forward to meeting her and singing with her in a month and a half when I will be going to Germany to teach Josia Missionsschule and Matteson Mission School's students. Today, I have one more reason to look forward to heaven to meet her and sing with her . I can only pray that I will be there to keep my promise. 

I met her a little over a month ago in Sweden at IMPACT Scandinavia. I don't think that we talked for more than 30 minutes. Time is always an issue at such conferences. But those few minutes that we talked have left a deep impression on my heart. It was enough to make me realize what a special person she is and make me want to meet her again and get to know her more. It was enough to make me see that she loved God and people.

She served God. She loved people. She loved music. And she touched lives. I have no doubt about that because she touched mine in the few minutes we spent together. This is how I will always remember Vivian. I do not think that there are better things to be remembered for. 

As I sit here and ponder over the fragility of life I cannot help but wonder, if I were to die tomorrow, what will I be remembered for?

Today I have one more reason to look forward to heaven. Oh, heaven cannot come soon enough! Even so, come Lord Jesus! 

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