Thursday, October 1, 2009

Namibia, Here I Come!

Who thought just 2 weeks ago that in a couple of weeks I will be on my way to the African land? We were supposed to leave on the 14th of September. Great was the disappointment when we were told that due to the financial crises there is no money for our tickets. But we were promised that we will be leaving on the 4th of October. Two weeks before the departure date I received again the terrible new: no money so, departure is postponed again. It's no use to tell you that the disappointment was even greater. While talking to Sebastian on the phone, he told me we could come if we can pay for our plane tickets. He also asked me to let him know when we get the money so he can apply for our visas. Did I have the money? No, I had just part of the amount but I told Sebastian to apply for the visa. I knew that, if God called me there, He will provide the whole amount of money. So I just went ahead through faith. And the Lord was faithful. He blessed my faith and made it possible for me to buy the plane ticket. So, in just 5 days I will be on my way to the Namibian land along with 5 other friends.

I know that this is just the beginning of a new journey, a journey of faith, a journey of grace. I know God will work and I am looking forward to it. Right now, I am looking forward to see how He will take care of my financial needs. You see, when I bought the plane ticket, I was left with empty pockets. But I know that my God who provided the money for the ticket, will not let me go without any money to Namibia. So, I'm looking forward to seeing Him more at work in my life. I was talking to one of my friends from Namibia the other day and he was telling me that there are great things going on there. God is really working! And this is what makes me so happy!!!

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