Friday, January 21, 2011

A Time for Everything

“There is a time or everything, and a season for every activity under heaven...” said the wisest man on earth under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And I have come to realize more and more how true he was. It seems that the time has finally come for me for some major changes. I knew that they would take place so I kept asking myself if I am ready. And every time I would get to the conclusion that I do not know because one does not know if he is ready or not until he is faced with the real facts. That is why I waited for the facts in order to see my reactions and my adjustment skills. I have also asked myself what are the things that I would enjoy doing here, back in Romania. That is another impossible question. I really didn't not know what I would enjoy doing... my life for the past 5 years has been so different... I have found so much fulfillment in what I have done that I really did not know what else I could enjoy doing. But God had the answers for me, and I knew that He would take upon Himself to answer these questions.

I was in the library last week working on the thesis, when my phone called. It was my dad. He said that he met the Romanian Hope Channel director and he asked about me, where I am presently? what I am doing? A few hours later he met again my father and asked him: “Can you, please, tell Raluca to come to see me on Monday?”

So I made my way to the Hope Channel headquarters on Monday. The meeting was brief and target-directed. There was an opening for a translator job. “Do you want it or not?” was his the question. I was not enthusiastic at all... but I said yes. I was given a test: an one-hour sermon to translate into Romanian language. I did it the very next day. By 6 PM, my translation was on its way to the director's email address. At 7:30 PM of the same evening I was asked if I could be in my office the next morning. Huh... kind of fast... I didn't expect it so fast.

Am I ready for the change? Am I going to enjoy sitting in front of a computer and doing translation work? The same two impossible questions... I knew that time has come for me to find an answer to these questions. Am I ready to find out the answer? Ready or not, I was going to find it soon and continue to find it as the time goes by.

So, here I am, from the life of a free jungle and desert bird to the confinement of an office... Listening and translating sermons into Romanian language is not bad at all... So far I really like what I am doing. I've been so blessed by the message of the sermons on Revival and Reformation that I have translated so far. So, little by little, I finally have some of the answers to my two questions. How long I will be doing this? Where should I go to worship on Sabbaths? Where can I find some people I can really connect with? You see, more questions are rising that I don't have the answers for. But I know that He already has them for me!

So, tell me that God doesn't have the big picture and that He does not want us to be able to enjoy life! I know that He does because He showed it to me one more time!

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