Friday, February 4, 2011

The Power of the Gospel

I listened to a sermon while coming to my office this morning. In fact, I am taking an online class about the Holy Spirit (I will tell you more about it later on) and one of the requirements of the class is to listen to a sermon every week and answer some questions about what I listened to. So, I was listening to Dan Vis' message when it struck me. It is not a new message, but it is just what I needed to hear this morning. The Gospel is a source of power, the Gospel is very practical and simple. The Gospel is not just theory or something abstract. It is supposed to be a power source in our life. The reason why so many young people are leaving the church today is that nobody has taught them how to make the Gospel a source of power in their lives, said Dan Vis. And he is so right!

Than, he goes on to talk about the connection between the Gospel and the Holy Spirit, and the power of the will. He reminded me of the first time I finally understood how everything works. I remember that I was in the jungles of Guyana. I had many struggles, I had things I was trying to surrender and give up to, but I failed every time I tried. Than, one evening, our principal's wife had the talk for the evening worship and she shared with us something that I will never forget, something that changed my life forever. That evening I finally understood that I have to understand the true force of the will, that everything depends on the right action of the will. God gave us the power of choice. We cannot chose to do what is right, we cannot change our hearts. But we can choose to give our will to Him. Than, He will work in us to will and to do as He wants (Steps to Christ, 47). From than on, I made a habit of surrendering my life to Him every morning, before I get out of my bed. And life was so much different from that day on...

Then, this morning I understood something else that I am sure will change my life completely. "Our will is to be yielded to Him that we may receive it again purified, refined..." (Thoughts from the Mount Of Blessings, 62). So, when we give our will to God, He transforms it and gives is back to us to exercise it.

I could go on and tell you all the wonderful things that God has been teaching me through FAST Ministries. FAST Ministries is an endtime movement, committed to calling God's people back to the Bible. Their goal is to equip believers everywhere with cutting-edge tools to memorize Scripture, apply it to their life, and pass it on to others. Meeting Dan Vis & team over a decade ago and their friendship over all these years has been a great blessing for me. I just want to encourage you to visit FAST website. It has many great resources. One of the things I like about Dan Vis is that he is really practical. I believe that the Gospel is very simple and practical. And that is the way he presents it.

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