Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hitting the Road One More Time

Yes, it is time to hit the road one more time. No, that does not mean that I will not be working for Hope Channel. I am still a Hope Channel employee.

A month ago a friend suggested that I join them and go to the AMiCUS International Congress organized by the EUD to present there the prayer room. They are going to have some time dedicated to projects. How can I do that if we do not have a prayer room there? I asked myself. We simply can't. So, I decided to send a proposal to the organizers. And, praise God, they have accepted it. Two more days and I will be on my way to Paris, France to host an all day prayer room for the AMiCUS International Congress. God provided wonderfully the means and also someone to help me with that. It will be so exciting to meet Irene from Indonesia, whom I have never met.

And this is not all....

A couple of weeks ago Irene asked me if I know anything about the Congress that is going to be held in France at the end of October. I imediately realized that it should be GYC France. I checked it out on the internet and my suspicions were confirmed. Why not to send them a proposal for an all-day prayer room? I asked myself again. So I sent them the proposal. Not only were they happy to have us come there, but they also said that we are the answer to their prayers. They have been looking for someone to have a workshop on prayer and did not know anybody to do that. So, God sent my proposal at the right time.

Walking in His Steps

I remember telling my good friend Melody that I need help with the prayer room. I was afraid that nobody will be able to come because ARME has a Bible Camp in Hawaii the very next weekend. I knew that God will provide, but I wanted to know who will come so that I can tell the organizing team of GYC France. The very same morning (in fact, an hour later!) I sent Melody an email telling her that I really need to know who is coming, I received a text message from Irene who told me that she has exciting news for me. What could it be? I simply could not figure it out. Not long after that, she sent me an email and I understood her excitement. She told me that she could make it to GYC France and that the Lord impressed her to ask somebody else to come with her and the person said that he is willing to come. Wow.. I could not believe it that the Lord provided sooooo fast...

And still, this is not all...

A few days later, Irene told me something about GYC Indonesia that is going to take place the very next weekend after GYC France. I remember thinking: I wish I can go there! But than I thought: I cannot go. Why? First of all, God has not called me there; I have nothing to do there and I don't want to go just to attend. It will be a waste of money. Secondly, I have no money. And thirdly, I cannot dare to ask my boss for a 2 week leave. I was not sure he will allow me to go for one week since he already agreed to allow me to go to Paris for a week in September.

To make a long story short, Irene told me that she needs help with the prayer room. Hmmm... one obstacle down. Than, I went to talk to my boss and he was happy to let me go. When I told him that I can take an unpaid leave he said: "No, you do not need to do that. We are working for the same cause." Second obstacle down. Not long after that, the money issue was solved and I had no more obstacles in my way... So, in five and a half weeks I will be on my way to GYC France and from there to GYC Indonesia. I am more than excited!!!

I cannot expressed how blessed I am to be able to work with ARME Ministries. It is by far the greatest blessing I have ever received. I have seen God working in and through my life before, but it seems to me that I have never seen it clearer than now. I know that this is the result of getting closer and closer to Him. And I know that I have said this before and that I will also say it in the future because, the deeper He takes me in my relationship with Him, the more I can see Him at work!

What is next after Indonesia? Only He knows. But I am sure that it will be even more exciting! I am still looking forward to going back to the mission field, but I believe that the Lord wants to keep me here for a little longer. So, stay tuned for more exciting news!

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