Monday, October 24, 2011

Praising God for ASI Spain

I have just arrived home from ASI Spain where Melissa and I hosted a prayer room. God has been good to us! He blessed us tremendously!!! I have no words to describe how blessed I have been there!

Though I was supposed to team mates come and help me, a couple of weeks before ASI Spain I was told that Irene and Arlaine did not get their visa and Andrew could not come to ASI Spain and GYC France. When I got the news, I remember telling a friend that I will pray and ask God that He will not give peace to someone until they come and help me with the prayer room. And He did.

Wednesday morning, 24 hours before I was to leave for ASI Spain and 48 hours before ASI started, I got a phone call. When I heard: "This is Melissa Miranda" I was shocked! I have never ever talked to Melissa, and I was wondering why she was calling. To make a long story short I will tell you that God has not given her peace, and she felt impressed to call and offer to come and help with these three events (ASI Spain, GYC France and Euro-Africa Division Annual Council). So, 47 hours later Melissa landed in Madrid. It has been a dream of hers to come and help promote united prayer in Europe and God has fulfilled it. Praise God for how He knows to send the right people at the right place and also to fulfill our dreams.

ASI leadership was really supportive of the prayer room, and they did everything they could to help and support us. They have rented a beautiful room for the prayer room. It was the most beautiful room in the building and had clouds on the ceiling! Can you imagine a better place to pray…besides being out under the sky directly?

Also, God gave us many opportunities to share about united prayer. We were able to share about united prayer twice on Friday and three times on Sabbath!

ASI started with around 80 people on Friday morning. After our presentation of the prayer room, almost a third of the attendees came right away to the prayer room. When the afternoon program started there were more than 600 people in the audience and on Sabbath there were over 1000 people.

One of the greatest blessings we had was to be abel to lead the whole congregation in united prayer Sabbath morning, just before Elder Mark Finley preached! It was such an amazing experience to have more than 1000 people unite together in prayer!!! 

We were not supposed to have united prayer but, when I asked if they would be interested in having united prayer with eveybody, the ASI President told me to talk to a pastor who was in charge of the moments of prayer. Melissa and I talked to him and, though he had made plans, he sugested that we take the most important time from the whole convention, the prayer time just before the divine service on Sabbath morning! Praise God again!

On a side note, we were very surprised to hear that the united prayer is going strong with one church in Denmark. One young man from Denmark told us that a girl from Iceland, who is living in Denmark, was at GYC 2010 and came to our prayer room. She was so inspired that she took united prayer back to Denmark! Praise God for His unexpectated ways of working!

Sabbath morning, Melissa and I prayed that God will send us someone who will be willing to share their testimony. Hardly had we finished the prayer when 4 young people from Hungary, Denmark and Germany came in. They had been to the prayer room on Friday so we started asking them about their experience. One of the girls had a wonderful testimony and she agreed to go with us on the stage and share her testimony. And it all happened right before we were to go on the stage. So, praise God again!

Sabbath morning, I led a session of united prayer right before we were to go and lead the whole congregation in united prayer. There were only 5 of us in the prayer room (three girls, my translator and I), but it was a powerful session. We all could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, and I know that He was working in their hearts because all of them were crying. I had to hurry and go to the main meeting hall because we had to lead united prayer, so I asked them to come back in the afternoon because I want to talk to them. God brought them back to the prayer room right in time for us to ask them to share their testimony about united prayer for our final sharing time. They came during the session that was right before we went on the stage for the last time. We asked them what was their experience in the prayer room and, as tears were streamming down their cheeks, they confessed that they have never experienced something like this. One of the girls has prayed for a long time to be able to feel God's presence and to feel that He was near. And she was finally able to experience His presence in the prayer room. She also said that she has never had such a peace in her heart. Another girl said that she has never had such a joy in her life. I have chatted with her just a few minutes ago and she told me that her day is great, and she is so happy because she finally has God in her heart. We just praise the Lord!

I was also impressed by a lady. Sabbath afternoon Melissa was leading a session of united prayer while I was at the door trying to see if there are more people who want to come in. While I was there, a lady asked me if there is any water in the prayer room. Apparently someone has told her that there are bottles with water in the prayer room. I told her I did not know if there was any water left, and she asked me if I can go and check for her. I told her, "Why don't you look and see!"  Five minutes later, when I entered the prayer room, the same lady was praying and crying before the Lord!

Another Romanian lady in her 50s was really moved and she told Melissa that she has never prayed for 45 minutes in her entire life!

We have seen many people in tears. Many took the decision to recommit their lives to God. Many were determined to take united prayer back to their homes. The Youth Director from the Union came three times to the prayer room, and he is determined to take this to the young people for all of Spain. The Pathfinder director from the Union and his wife joined us too, and he is determined to promote united prayer amoung the pathfinders. We had a girl from Hungary who said that they are going to have a Youth Convention in Hungary next weekend, and she wants to take united prayer there. The wife of the Pathfinder Director offered to translate the united prayer handbook into Spanish. I believe that we need to have it translated into many languages, and I praise God for those that are inspired to do the translation.

So, what else can I say except, praise God!!! He has been more than faithful! It is an honor to be able to see Him changing lives through united prayer.

Let's keep moving forward on our knees!

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