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ARME PUC - Counting His Blessings

Where is the time flying? It seems like yesterday that I was working hard to finish the preparation for my departure for my first ARME Bible Camp. I have been on the road for the last month and a half, hence my silence on the blogging front. God really bless my trip to the US and even though I was too busy to enjoy the thought of leaving, as soon as I got there it finally dawned on me that God is finally fulfilling a dream that I gave up some time ago. And believe me, I have enjoyed every single minute of my trip.

Melody decided to drive to California and show me some sites and I am really thankful for it. So, not only I have finally met my ARME family and attended my first ARME Bible Camp, but I also got to visit a few beautiful national parks and amazing touristic sites like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, the Sequoia trees, Arches National Park, the Pacific Ocean, Rocky Mountain National Park.

Twelve years ago I was ready to go to university and I prayed about going to Weimar. But even though God seemed to make all the arrangements, when the time came for me to get my visa, I was denied the visa. Never I thought in my wildest dreams that I will ever see that place. But God did it again, as He did about New Zealand (you can read about this here). He took me to Weimar.  Mel decided that she wants us to attend a local GYC and I enjoyed to finally be able to see Weimar Institute. In case you do not believe me, here is the proof.

Another highlight of the trip was visiting Ellerslie. I have been really blessed by the ministry of  Eric and Leslie Ludy for many years. In fact, they helped me form the values that I have now regarding the relationship with the opposite sex. So, when Melody told me that we might go to meet them I was more than excited. It was such a blessing to meet and talk with them.

As Melody and I were leaving their place, we went to visit the chapel. The students had just finished their class. I was expecting that the chapel would be empty, or that the students would be talking to each other. So I was totally caught by surprise when I saw the students in the chapel and around the church praying and meditating upon what they have been told. So I could not help but wonder in how many of our schools we can find something like this.

ARME Bible Camp was amazing. Though the days were long and the nights really short, God gave us all power. Even though two week before the registration closed we had only around 400 registered when the time for the camp came, we had around 1200-1500 in attendance. God blessed! It was a blessing to see people come together every morning and noon time in prayer, plead for the Holy Spirit and intercede for others. It was also a blessing to see people eager to learn more about God's Word. It was exciting to see people revived and on fire for the Lord. We had a house full to the end.

One day I went to the prayer meeting room. After the session of united prayer, as I was leaving the room, I saw a girl in one corner of the room. I felt impressed to go and talk to her and I did. She was only 14 and she told me that she has been there since 9 AM (by the time she left the prayer meeting she had been in there for 7 hours). The previous night she answered the altar call made by one of the speakers and decided to get baptized. But as she woke up that morning, her mind was flooded with trash - worldly songs, movies etc. So she decided to stay on her knees until God will set her free. And He did after 7 hours of wrestling with God in prayer.

For me the highlight of the camp was the all night prayer meeting. Though I was very, very tired (got 4-5 hours of sleep the whole week), God gave me strength and power to stay awake. It was amazing to see how many people are in need of prayer. It was also amazing to see how many people are hurting and looking for healing. I will never forget a little boy (I think he was 10 or 12) praying for his mother and for his family. As he was praying, one of the mothers in the room was convinced that she has not been the mother that she was supposed to for her daughter. So, as the lady started to cry, the little boy went and prayed for her. His love of God and passion for people was a lesson for us all.

So, I could go on and on and tell you of all the blessings God poured upon us at ARME PUC, but I think it would be better if I leave you with some of the testimonies of the attendees.

"I was raised in the SDA church, but being here provided more clarity on our doctrines than my entire SDA education and my parents teaching - combined."

"I truly had the greatest experience of my life here at ARME!"

"I thought ARME would be just another Bible camp, but ARME was way more than I expected! I praise God for ARME."

"Through ARME God has revived my faith, and I have surrendered to Him my all!"

"ARME has rekindled my faith and trust in God and just blessed me and motivated me to give my life back to Him and finally to get baptized."

"Eye-opening, mind-blowing, and hopefully life-changing! Life-long Seventh-day Adventist who has learned so much while being here!"

"This was the best conference I've ever attended - amazingly inspiring, and organized. The enthusiasm and passion of the staff is contagious. The presentation content was refreshing, enlightening and powerful. And the courtroom scene encouraged me to realize that defending my faith doesn't have to be overwhelming."

"ARME has changed my life. Any doubt of Adventism is long gone. The sanctuary message has given me an understanding of the Bible that I never thought possible! Also learning the importance of prayer and how to pray…"

"I love that ARME is REAL….no fake stuff. The Lord provided for me to come…and it's perfect just the way it is!"

"The church is dying for want of the Word and this is one of the answers to this big problem. Thank you ARME!"

"No suggestions, just a huge THANK YOU to the ARME staff for their sacrifice, dedication, patience, and cheerfulness in all situations. You live what you are preaching. That is a powerful witness. This was the most amazing spiritual blessing. I needed this revival. I was raised SDA but never learned how to study my Bible. I am excited to apply the knowledge I have learned here in my personal devotions at home. I praise God for your ministry!"

"I have been an Adventist since I was 11 years old. I have never understood the Old Testament like I do now. I always read it because of it's history. I was dried bones when I got here, but I leave with "HeartBurn!" Praise the Lord for ARME Bible Camp. May the Lord keep blessing you with all you do!"

"God was obviously here! There are few places where so large a percent of the presenters, staff, and attendees are committed to Him. Keep this up."

"The Mock trial was sobering and I was convicted not only to study, but to share what I learn, to begin giving Bible studies. I was also convicted to improve my prayer life."

"I appreciated most about ARME the new tools, techniques, laws in studying the word. The prayer times, and also how the speakers and staff did not think they were extra special but how everyone ate and worked together was impacting. I've only been in the church for a year, and have learned a lot, but now I have more tools to take home. THANK YOU ARME!"

"I came looking for new methods and was renewed in my relationship with the Savior. The messages were spirit-filled, the prayer, and music so good. I have been revived in my soul!"

"The Blueprint has changed my life. I want everyone in my sphere of influence to know that God's way is in the sanctuary. ARME has confirmed my calling to ministry! All the speakers (listed them all by name) were amazing and had empowering messages."

"I'm a 3rd generation SDA, home-schooling mom, living in a small community. Never experienced anything like this before in my life. I feel revival. I made it through the all-night prayer - it was incredible. So much healing! I am convicted to take this home to my family, church, and dark community. I'm excited to be SDA again. My heart was so hard. I feel it softening. Heir Force program was excellent. Thanks to the leaders for all their hard work. I felt 100% safe leaving my children with the Heir Force staff. And my two children made decision to follow Jesus during this camp. Praise God!"

"I loved how caring the ARME staff is and how they truly build a family atmosphere at this camp. I've learned how to study my Bible deeply and how to see Jesus in everything. I prayed and asked God if he wanted me to come to ARME if he would provide the funds. He did. I've suffered from various medical conditions for over 4 years and the Lord has healed me physically, however I believe he brought me to ARME because He also wanted to heal my heart and mind.  I'm so blessed and I have heard his voice. Thank you!"

"The wonderful mix of in depth Bible study and inspirational sessions was amazing. What a privilege to receive so much blessing. The lady (Kim) who handled all the room housing assignments was an angel!"

"Never heard such power messages and such truth. Love you all so much!"

"Felt like I missed the "boat/ark" when I missed attending the two PSR ARME's, I am so relieved to have finally made it!"

"I saw Jesus shining through the lives of the staff and presenters. It has surpassed my expectations. I have been blessed and am overflowing. I pray this weekend will continue in my heart as I return home and share and inspire others. I will be encouraging everyone I know to attend."

"God worked miracles for us to be here and we were blessed and inspired to "agonize in prayer" for those on our prayer list because of Ratsara's powerful devotionals. We were also encouraged to study deeper by the powerful training sessions with Myers, and loved the enthusiastic participation of all in the singing. It's so wonderful to see the many that were converted and we as a PUC church will draw closer to God and prepare for His soon coming as a result from this camp."

"I came here confused, lost and lacking Jesus, but now I have him back and I am revived. Keep up the good work!"

"The united prayer and spiritual food was from the Lord. Pastor Ratsara was God sent, and I finally understand God's will for my life. Pastor Myers message "the Blueprint" has challenged me and I will strive to study and share it. I understand more clearly the plan of salvation. The choice of songs with the music, and the children's participation with Heir Force was commendable. Praise the Lord."

"Thank you so much for live-streaming. Because of live-streaming, friends and church members were able to attend."

"ARME was a wake-up call that I needed." 

"I've heard the Blueprint message before, but each time I hear it, I still gasp and sit there with the widest eyes ever. I want to thank you Pastor Myers for all that you've done for God and for the church."

"Eye-opening and life changing experience. Took for granted the mountains of gold I've been sitting on as an SDA."

"ARME has blessed me by giving me the tools as well as the messages to study, witness and pray. Wow! I am forever changed. Thank you ARME team! You have blessed many. Prayers are lifted up for the team as you continue to equip us to further the Kingdom of God and finish the work. He is coming soon!"

I have no doubt that ARME is the one of the greatest blessings I have ever received. 

If you want to learn more about ARME and see the upcoming camps, you can go here: ARME Bible Camp Ministries.

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