Friday, January 17, 2014

Faces of Love: Love Is Long-Suffering

One thing that I learned from my precious husband-to-be is to try to find spiritual applications in the smallest things. The other day I was not feeling well so I was taking a hot and cold shower. And while I was taking the shower it dawned on me that if the water is very hot, after being under the hot water for a while, I do not have a problem switching to the cold water. But if the water is lukewarm, you can pay me and I won't go under the cold shower. I have also seen that after being under the cold water I can take even a hotter shower.

Let's say that the water is our love. If we truly love God (fact represented by the hot water), it is easier to go through trials (represented by the cold water) because we know He loves us, too, and will not allow anything that it is not for our best. We will not murmur and complain, but will trust in His love and wisdom. If we truly love someone, trials will not take away the love that we have for each other, but will only make it stronger.

But if our love is not genuine, if we have a divided heart (represented by the lukewarm water), we will not be able to stand when going through trials (represented again by cold water). We will accuse God and we will not trust His wisdom. If we do not have genuine love for others, trials will only divide and drive us further and further away from each other!

No wonder God is telling the church in Laodicea that, because they are lukewarm, He will vomit them from His mouth. He does not want a divided heart, just as any husband or wife would not want a spouse with a divided heart.

Lord, give me a love that is fervent and long-suffering. 

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