Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home... What Is Actually Home???

Just one and a half weeks ago I was in Bucharest when I found out some students are going to the hospital to sing for people with AIDS. Since I love to sing and I haven't got the chance to sing in a choir eversince I came back home and since I wanted to do something different like I once used to do, I decided it wil be a nice experience and a good opporitunity of service through songs. It took a while until we found the hospital and the right enterance (since there were several of them). When I got there I discovered we are not the only one invited but there are also other young people from some churches from Bucharest.

That's how I got to meet several old friends whom I have't seen in a long time. "What are you doing here? We thought you are in the mission field. We didn't know you are still at home..." They were so surprised to see me and they couldn't hide it. They were not even trying to. For me, their words and actions were saying: "Your place is not here anymore. We can see you just in the mission field. You do not belong here. The mission filed is your home." I have to admit I felt good at their remarks because I know I don't belong here. Not anymore.

Home... what is home? This is one of the most difficult questions one can ask me. I simply do not have an answer to it. Am I still at home, as my friends stated? I do not feel like being home because I do not have a home. At least not on this earth. With my parents missionaries in a muslim country, a married sister and one still in university there is no place that I can call here home.

But even though I cannot say I have a home, I can still feel at home. Though I remain a stranger and a wanderer, I feel at home where I am needed, accepted and loved, where I can be helpful and where the Lord sends me to serve.

So, what is home? I will give you the definition in heaven, when I will fully understand and experience what home is. Until then, I remain a HOMELESS WANDERER.

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