Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Master Classes Are Over...

Master classes are over and I am happy and thankful that Sebastian sent me back from Vanuatu to take the last 3 classes in order have all the credits for my Master. I have learned a lot of useful things this summer. I am especially thankful for my Leadership class and for the amazing teacher I had. It has challenged me a lot and helped me understand some vital principals in leadership. I know God worked all the things out for me to be able to come back and attend these classes. I think that Carmen (Sebastian's wife) was right when she wrote me: "I have a feeling that all this amazing knowledge will soon serve a great purpose". It might not be great things in people's eyes but I am sure they will be great things in God's eyes.

For the last two Sabbaths Sandro (my Guyanese student) and I have been traveling to share with people our testimonies and the amazing things God has done for us. Two Sabbaths ago was for the first time when I heard him sharing his testimony... It was so powerful!!! I love listening to him sharing the way God changed his heart and the amazing way He worked in his life. When I think where he was just a year and a half ago (from all the points of view) I can only thank God for the way he worked in him and for him.

Just yesterday I came across a Sebastian's transmission from Zambia for the Loma Linda SDA Romanian Church from last Sabbath. I was so thrilled to find it. It made me miss Africa so much. It also brought tears to my eyes. :( I try to hang it on there since there are just a few more weeks left...

Right now I am getting ready to leave for Spain to spend a couple of weeks with my dear friend, Ana and share with some more churches about the amazing things God has done for me. Then I will be back to get ready for the next adventure of my life.

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