Saturday, August 29, 2009

Waiting Season... Again

It seems that the Lord considers that He has to work on my patience again so He keeps creating situations in which my patience is tested. We were supposed to leave for the Kalahari Desert sometimes around September 15 but so far we are not sure when we will be leaving. We might be leaving when we were supposed to, or we might be leaving later. It all depends on God and on His timing. We are waiting for Him to provide the funds for our plane tickets. So, I am back to where I was every August for the past 4 years. The good news is that even if I had to wait, God never failed me and He always sent the money I needed. I know that, if He keeps me here longer, He has a purpose. It's all about His timing. It is not easy to wait. It is much easier to become tired of waiting and restless. But I am learning to wait on Him even when I want so much to be able to do certain things right away. There are around 23 of us supposed to leave so please keep praying for us and for the money we need in order to leave for the African land.

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