Sunday, May 29, 2011

God's Strange Ways

Be careful what you ask for, cause God might answer in a way you have never thought He would.

I have started to pray some time ago that He will use me where I am now. Three weeks ago I decided to stay at home and spend the Sabbath with the Lord. I took my Bible, diary and the book of Education and I went in the park where I enjoyed my time with my Father. Since I really liked it, the following day I went again in the park in the morning for my appointment with the King. I have fully enjoyed the time there. No one bothered me.

Monday morning I woke up, spent time in prayer and than wanted to pick my Bible to read from it. But my Bible was nowhere to be found. I search my backpack, the bookselves, and all other possible places. No trace of my Bible. I remembered that, on Sabbath I double checked to see if I forgot something on the bench but I could not remember if I did the same thing on Sunday. (Obviously I didn't since my Bible was missing.)

So, Monday morning, before I went to the office, I decided to go and check in the park to see if I can find it. While I was heading that direction, the Lord told me: "Haven't you asked me to use you?" "Yes, Lord, I did! But you know, that is my Bible. I have underlined the important verses, I have the date under those verses that You used to answer my prayers." "I know, but you have asked Me to use you and I did!" So, I turned back and headed to my office.

That evening, when I came back home, I went to the park just in case... But I knew I would not find it. And I didn't.

Fast forward 2 weeks. I got a parcel. A friend of mine sent me a Remnant Study Bible which I have enjoyed a lot for the past few days. Though I miss my Bible, I am happy to know that God gave it to someone who needed it more than I did. And even though I am used to read my Bible in Romanian language, I am learning to appreciate the English translation. "I am sure God has a purpose in this" a friend told me refering to the fact that I need to read the Bible in English.

I can only say: "Surely the Lord knows what He is doing." So I am just enjoying the strange ways He answers prayers.

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  1. That's awesome how God works! Just will become even more proficient in English? (Is that how you spell the word?) Anyway...I'm not proficient in English, but thankfully we all understand. Love you!