Thursday, June 9, 2011

God's Strange Ways 2

I have written about God's strange ways a couple of weeks ago... how I lost my Bible and how God replaced it right away.

Oh well, there are a few things that I haven't told you and the time has come that I share them with you.

I have to admit that, when I got the Bible, I was a little bewildered. Why? First, because it reached me so fast. It usually takes 2 weeks for a parcel to get here from the US. Than, it has been brought to my work place. Normally in Romania, parcels sent through the regular mailing sistem are not delieved. One receives a notice from the post office and has to go there to take it. And there is only once postal office where one can get the parcels coming from other countries. Then, the third strange thing is that the guy who brought it has not asked to open the parcel and check it. Parcels sent from foregin countries pass through customs.

Another thing that was strange was the fact that I got only one parcel. Melody told me that she sent me two of them. She posted both of them in the same day, at the same post office. Hmmm... strange... So I waited and waited and kind of lost my hope to get the other parcel. I thought it simply got lost.

I was working at home yesteday when the secretary called me to tell me that I received a notice from the postal office. I have to go and pick my parcel. This is a little over two weeks after I got the first one. So I went and picked it...

God definitely knew that I need a Bible and I need it soon. So He worked on that. I got it 5 days after is had been posted and it has been delievered to me. There is no logical explanations for that. Two parcels sent by the same person, in the same day, from the same post office get here at different times and in different ways. Aren't God's ways strange? Yes, they are. And that is why God is God. He can do the impossible. He can do irrational things when you expect Him the least and even when you do not ask Him to. He loves to surprise us and give us gifts. I love surprises! But I love God more.

I am wondering what is going to be His next surprise.


  1. Dear Raluca,
    Your testimony is very beautiful and interesting. Praise the Lord for doing wonderful things in your life, and thank you for sharing.

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