Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm in the Lord's ARME

Some of you may think I have made a mistake. No, there is not a spelling mistake... I'm in the Lord's ARME.

If you read my blog entry A Call to Prayer you remember that I have written about God tapping on my shoulder and telling me that He wants me back into full time ministry, He wants me to have a fervent prayer life, to be a prayer warrior. My life has been changed as I realised things I have been missing all along and as I allowed Him to take full control of my life.

Than, if you read my blog entry In His Presence, you remember that God made me give up my plans for this summer (going with my youth group to the seaside) so that I do something meaningful. When God asked me to change my plans, I thought He wants me to go to Upper Colombia ARME Bible Camp. So, I started praying and talking to my friend Melody about it. I was really excited since I have wanted to be part of an ARME Bible Camp for a long time. But, as we were making plans and praying about it, I simply did not have peace in my heart regarding this decision and I did not understand why. Since I know my Lord and since I know that He does that every time I am about to make a wrong decision, we decided to wait and continue to pray until I understand what I need to do.

It was in this period of time that I found out about the GYC Convention that they are going to organize in Romania. I remember telling Melody: "Wish I could organize a Prayer Room there!" But I knew that I could not do that since I did not to do it alone and there was nobody to help. You see, after being in the mission field for 5 years and being alone most of the time, I told the Lord that, if He ever wants me to do something for Him, He has to give me a team or at least one more person I can work with, dedicated people who share my values and desire to work for Him. So Mel and I started to pray about it. I did not tell anybody else about my desire and I did not know anybody who had a burden for prayer. So, I have to admit that I did not believe that God will send someone.

I was one day talking to Rita, Melody's "adopted" Romanian sister who had just come to visit her Romanian family. I had just met her (Melody introduced us) but felt that I have known her for a long time. I do not know why but I mentioned the GYC Convention and asked her is she is not interested in coming. "Maybe we can organize a prayer room there ," she told me. I was shocked even though I did not show it to her. Could it be this God's answer to my prayers? Could it be this why He did not want me to go to the Upper Colombia ARME Bible Camp? (Btw, both GYC and the ARME Bible Camp will take place in the last week of July). I had not told her anything about my desire to oganize a prayer room and that I had been praying about it. We decided to take a week to pray and make a decision whether we want to do that or not. As we finished the conversation and as I got on my knees to pray, I knew that I did not have to pray about it. I knew that this was God's answer to my prayers. He made it possible despite my lack of faith.

The rest is history... I wrote Rita right away that I believe that she is an answer to my prayers and that I know God wants us to do that. Than, we wrote the GYC committee about it and waited for their feedback. A week ago they let us know that they will be more than happy to have United Prayer and a Prayer Room open for a few hours a day.

So, here we are, getting ready to lead United Prayer and a Prayer Room in a month. Though I am excited, I realize what a responsibility lays on our shoulders. I do not know why God chose to trust us so much, but I sulrely feel the need to abide in Him and to give myself up to the control of the Holy Spirit. And I realize more and more that this is His work, not mine. So, I just want to make sure that I am fully surrendered so that my sins do not block the way for His blessings and for His power to be manfested in people's lives.

I know that I have said it many times, but I am more and more amazed at the ways God is working and at the plans He has for my life. And I am more amazed of how He choses to answer prayers. I am also thankful for godly friends like Mel and Rita whom I have not known for a long time but whom I feel like I have known for years because of our love for God and mutual desire to abide in Him and to serve Him.

So, I'm in the Lord's ARME and I am so humbled by His calling!


  1. Raluca, so glad to have you on our team, and as a representative of ARME for Romania!! Can't wait to see what God will do with the United Prayer at GYC Romania. Yeah! God is good!

  2. By the way, I LOVE all the new pictures on this page. I think I recognize some of them from Paruima Guyana. I assume the others are from Namibia? Very very beautiful!!!!!

  3. Mel, I am so happy that I can be part of the team. As I have told you, I have finally found what I have been missing all along, something that I feel like I can give the mission field for. It is really humbling to know that God trusts me so much when I know that I do not deserve it.

    Glad that you like the pictures. Yeah, some are from Paruima, Guyana, some from Vanuatu and some from Namibia. There is a story behind me changing the pictures... I will tell it to you privately!