Friday, November 18, 2011

GreaThings: Answered Prayers

If I should start and talk about answered prayers, than I will have to write tens and hundreds of pages. In fact, you can just go back and read my blog to be able to read some of God's answers to my prayers.

For now, I will just share something that He has done for me this week. Last week I decided that I need to put aside some special time for God and fast and pray for 21 days (even though the fast might not mean to go completely without food). The Lord kept showing me, among many other things, how important fasting is. So, I decided to start on Monday. There are many things I was praying for, but one of them that needed immediate answer was about going to Pine Springs Ranch ARME Bible Camp in January. I did not dare to put my hopes up, but I was somehow excited about seeing my ARME family and also meeting Melody, one of my best friends and prayer partners.

First day of fasting. No answer. I could not say that I was troubled, but I also was not totally at peace about going.

Second day of fasting. I did what I usually do. Spend time in prayer. Though I did not have any answer, I was at peace. Than spend time in His Word and praying again. Go confirmed me though His Word that I needed to fast and pray when I read Matthew 17:14-21. Right as I was ending my time with God, I told Him: "Lord, from what I understand, the only reason why You would not have me go to the US is that You want me somewhere else. So, please, send me an invitation today to go somewhere else when I am supposed to go to the ARME Bible Camp." 

I should tell you that after I prayed, before I opened the Word and prayed again, I checked my email. 0 new messages. After I prayed the above prayer, I went to my email again. 1 new messages. The subject of the email: Invitation! 

Need I say more? I won't. I will tell you later on where I am going after God arranges all the details. I just want you to know that, when you surrender a dream to God, He gives you something much better. I am really excited!!! And if you knew the doors that God is opening for me, you will be, too. :)

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