Thursday, May 2, 2013

Youth in Mission - You Shall Receive Power

"1.700 of young people?  I do not think that I will be able to enjoy it like I did last year! There will be too many people. I'd rather go to smaller conferences! They are more powerful!" This is what went through my head just before Youth in Mission started. As you can imagine, I was a little skeptical even though I prayed and fasted for this youth conference. But God was ready to show me one more time that He can work in a powerful way with many people as well as with small groups of people!

The first surprise was Friday morning. Last year we had a good number of people joining us in the mornings for the 6 AM prayer meetings. I think that the most people we had were 87, and this was the last morning. But Friday morning we had at least 105 people in the room where I was. I say in the room where I was because I found out that many people went to the prayer room, not knowing that the morning prayer session was in a different place. My friend and prayer partner Sophie went there as well. She waited for me to come and when she saw that I did not show up, she lead the group in united prayer. She told me that the room was full. So, because we realized that the room was too small, we had to change it for the next morning. And praise God that we did, because we had over 205 people who came to pray with us on Sabbath morning. Sunday morning, even though we lost an hour because of the daylight saving, a good number of people joined us. And the same thing happened on Monday morning.

A few months prior to the conference, I thought that it might be good to offer the possibility to those who want to be able to lead out united prayer in the prayer room. So I asked the organizing team to include united prayer facilitator on the list of volunteers positions. 16 people registered. When we met to talk, pray and make plans on Friday morning, instead of 16, there were 20 people. Some of them decided to come and help even though they did not sign up to help in the prayer room. So, needless to say, this year I did not have to spend time in prayer room since there were so many young people eager to help out! And I could not be happier because more prayer leaders are formed in Europe! 

Even though there was so much interest in prayer, I still did not know how many I should expect for prayer during outreach. Last year there were around 40 people who prayed with us. This year the room was too small, as more than 85 people came to intercede for those who went out on the streets. Some people had to turn back as there was not more space in the prayer room.

Let me remind you that we are talking about Germany, the most difficult country I have worked in so far! I am talking about a country where most people are not used to pray out loud. Thank God that He has His people here, as well.

I am still marveling at what He did and how far He has taken united prayer in a little over one year. It was such a joy to have people come to me and tell me that they took united prayer back to their churches from Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Czech Republic and that it has been such a great blessing for them.

I was wondering before I came to the conference if I should attempt and have an all night prayer meeting. But I put aside the thought. The conference is too big. We are speaking about Germans here. Who will want to join a prayer meeting? I will be too busy with two workshops, a prayer room and a booth to take care of. I will not get too much sleep. So, with this in mind, I decided not to ask permission for that. But after my workshop, I was talking with one of the attendees about prayer when this person asked me to tell him about the all night prayer meeting. And, while telling him about it, David, one of my prayer partners came and asked: "So, are we going to have an all night prayer meeting?" So, I finally got it. God has been trying to nudge me before, but I ignored Him. I went and asked if we can have an all night prayer meeting. We ended up getting permission for pray until 1 AM, because of security reasons. We had a beautiful prayer time. I will never forget two young men who came and asked for prayer as they decided to get baptized and give one year of their life to Jesus.

Having Jerry and Janet Page as main speakers was a real treat! I simply love working with them! And they were a huge help in promoting the morning prayer times and prayer room. God used them to inspire the young people to pray more.

It was at Youth in Mission that I could see one more time how real the Great Controversy is. I was peacefully listening to the evening presentation Sabbath evening, when Wendy came and asked me to come out. She proceeded to tell me why she called me and another few people outside. A little bit earlier that evening, Edy, one of the attendees got a text message from a friend. It was a desperate text message about Clara*, this girl's sister, who was on a bridge trying to commit suicide. She asked Edy to try and do something. So he talked to Clara for more than 15 minutes, but could not change her mind. When he went back inside, the person sitting next to him saw that something was wrong. He asked Edy who told him the story. So, to make a long story short, he went to Wendy, Wendy got me and my sister and we went out on a hallway and started praying. I have to admit that I do not think that I have prayed with such intensity before. Knowing that the girl was on the bridge at that very moment and that our prayers can save her life, that she needs someone to stand in the gap for her made us pray like we have never done it before. At the end of the prayer session, when Edy checked his phone, he found a message telling him that Clara's sister was finally able to take her from the bridge. But you know what is the most amazing thing for me? Clara's sister was supposed to be at YiM, but she decided not to come the day before the congress. I know now that God stopped her because He needed her to be there so she can save her sister's life. Neither Clara nor her sister are Adventists, but praise God that He is no respecter of persons and He leads even those who do not know Him.

One could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit during the Conference! Oh, how I loved seeing Him at work! God showed me that He can also work powerfully during a big conference of 1.700 attendees. 

It was at Youth in Mission that I got the idea of starting a European Network of Prayer Warriors. Since I am traveling so much and meeting so many people who love to work for God, who are involved in His work and who love to pray, why not connect them so we can intercede for one another and for the work in Europe? We have 34 people from 15 countries in the group so far! And the number is growing as more and more people are requesting to join the group! So, if you are passionate about prayer and are interested in joining us, leave me a comment and your email address or contact me through the Contact form. 

I am eagerly waiting for next year's Youth in Mission Congress. And I am also looking forward to ARME Germany. So many young people told me that they are looking forward to it, too. God has started a work in Germany and I simply cannot imagine how much more He is going to do in the future. Little did I realize when I prayed last year: "Give me Germany or I die!" how far He will take this prayer and how much He will do. He has exceeded every expectation... And I know that He is going to do much greater things than what I have seen so far!

*Clara's name has been change in order to protect the identity of the individual.


  1. Amen sister! Yes, the experience praying for *Clara was the same for me. Such an intense prayer time is not often experienced! Praise God that He allows us to be a part of His work!

  2. Wendy, I am so happy that we could share such precious moments! And I am so thankful for your friendship! You know that are my favorite prayer room coordinator! :) I just love working with you! Looking forward to next year's YiM. Wish you could still coordinate the prayer room, but I totally understand that you can't do it anymore! :) Hugs!

  3. Unitet prayer is always blessing for me. It is quite a new experience for me and I love it. Participating on YiM this year (for the first time) was great experience for me leading me closer to my Savior. I am from Czech Republic and I had never experienced this type of united prayer beore we attended GYC Europe and YiM. Now we practise it in our local church experiencing God´s blessings.