Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Official... I'm Leaving on the 9th of February!!!

I just cannot believe it... Just 6 days ago I was not sure as to where I will be heading and what I will be doing. Today not only that I have an answer, but I also have the plane tickets and less than two weeks to get ready for a long, long journey. I'm speechless and overwhelmed. God is so good...

So, as I already posted, on Thursday I decided to go to Vanuatu Islands. That was all I knew. I didn't have the money for my ticket and other expenses, I didn't know exactly where I will be working, if I will be working alone or with someone else, if I will be traveling alone or with somebody else.

Just yesterday I found out that somebody else is leaving for Vanuatu on the 9th of February. That meant in two weeks. So just two weeks to get ready and 2-3 days to buy the ticket with the money that I didn't have... It seemed pretty impossible but I prayed and waited for a miracle knowing that God made so many miracles in my life and he took care of every detail and every need in the past. I didn't know how God will make it possible or if He will help me get it so fast to travel on the 9th but I kept praying. Yesterday Sebastian wrote me and asked me if I want to work alone or join some of the missionaries who are already on 3 islands. I told him that I prefer team work but I am ready to go wherever he needs me. So I let him choose for me because he knows the needs.

I woke up this morning knowing that I need to buy the ticket today even though I didn't have the money. And I did!!! Yes, I did buy it! I had to borrow some money for a while but I did buy it. Today I also found out I will be spending 2 days in New Zealand. Mario, the other missionary I am traveling with, wants to see Auckland so I will be staying, too. I am sure we will have fun. It will be a very, very long journey and I am so happy I am going to have somebody to travel with. We will be leaving from Bucharest, stopping in London and also in Dubai before we reach Auckland, New Zealand.

So, here I am, having just 13 more days to get ready... I am so happy and excited more than words can describe it. I am happy that I have a Father who loves me and takes care of all my needs and surpasses all my expectations. I feel so privileged... I feel unworthy of such a love. I know that He doesn't love me because I deserve it but because He is my Father and He is LOVE.