Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thank You, God, for Strangers!!!

Yes, I thank the Lord for people that I don't know, or maybe I met them just once - strangers in a nutshell - whom He uses to talk to me, to reveal things or maybe just make things clearer for me.

This morning I decided to listen to one sermon while I was cooking. So I picked my computer and wondered if I should listen to one of Ron Clouzet's sermons that I hadn't listened to. The title didn't sound too promising to me: "Saul, Saul why persecute me?" I am not a persecutor, am I? I needed something to help me understand God's will for me... And even tough it seemed unpromising, I decided to give it a try. Little did I know that God had some many things to tell me through this sermon (I highly recommend it to everybody). He had a special message for me and I am so happy that I have listened to the still small voice that told me to listen to it.

There are many things that God told me but I will tell you just a few of them. I chose to write almost word by word the preacher's words... I wish you could listen to the sermon. It makes much more sense.

  • In Acts 22 Paul was the only one able to hear God's voice. Others heard something but not the voice of Jesus. The same thing happened to the people of Israel on Mount Sinai. God spoke the 10 commandments. Only Moses understood God but people heard thunder. Sometimes we think that people ought to understand clearly what God is telling us clearly. But all they hear is thunder. But sometimes that thunder is our thunder because we have heard God and we have heard Him speak very clearly to us, then we thunder to others exactly the things we think they should have heard. But is nothing but thunder to them. Jesus deals with us individually. He knows exactly the timing, the process for each one of us... I'm not trying to discourage anyone from sharing what Jesus have said to them but keep it to that. Perhaps then God will use the Spirit in terms of your testimony to say to them: I want you to think about it. We try to make up with volume for what we assume it's a failure of the Holy spirit to speak with sufficient clarity sometimes.
  • God's call to service is never ahead of His call to know Him. When God calls you He first calls you to know who He is and then He shows you whom He was. Are you going to let Him do that? Are you going to allow Him to take you through both these processes? Do not skip one for the other. Many of you here today are wrestling right now with where God wants you to work, whom does God want you to reach. If that is not clear to you, stick to the first part of your call: get to know Jesus. Get to know Him, get to know how you have persecuted Him, what He has done for you, how patient He has been with you, and He will show you at every corner, at every turn: these are the people I want you to reach, these are the doors that I am opening for you. He will not do that clearly until the first part of your call is settled in your heart. That's why missionaries come back burnt out. That's why people with a great zeal for God sometimes fall great distances: because they forget the first part and run away with the second. God is calling all of us to know Him personally.
  • If God wants you to grow He will disturb your peace.
It may not make too much sens to you, but it makes to me. I know I have concentrated so much on understanding where God wants me to be, that I forgot to concentrate on knowing Him better. If God is still silent, I know now it is because He wants to teach me to concentrate on getting to know Him. I know that He disturbed my peace just because He wants me to grow. So I decided to leave my future in His hands and to concentrate on knowing Him. It's hard to describe in words evey impression, every thought that God gave me this morning. You know, these things are not new to me, but it is amazing how God make them clearer and make them appear new just because of the vessel He uses, just because of the way somebody is presenting them.

If God talked to me today it is because of someone (a man who is completely stranger for me) was willing to share what God taught Him at GYC and because another person whom I met one time was willing to share with me the sermons he had.

So, I thank God so much for unselfish strangers!!! Even though they do not know it, if one day I will be in heaven, it is also because of them and their willingness to share what they knew or had with others.