Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Have Finally Decided...

I almost cannot believe it! It's still like a dream. After pondering and praying for direction, after wondering where God wants me and where will He take me next, after trying to understand what decision I should make, after months and months of waiting and praying and hoping, here I am, having already made that BIG decision. I cannot believe the turn things took in my life. I was determined I will be going to Guyana and that God wants me there as you already know. But things got pretty rough with my visa. I just kept having obstacles in my way. Last time I called they said they didn't have my invitation there even if it was sent almost 3 weeks ago. Interesting enough, God had started to work on my heart impressing me that He might want me in Vanuatu for a few days before I found out they hadn't processed my visa. I asked the Lord to grant me that visa He wants me there and He just kept putting obstacles in my way. So, on Thursday when I found out they still hadn't worked on my visa I decided to make the decision I have never thought I would make: go to Vanuatu.

I wrote Sebastian who was waiting for me to make a decision and I told him what I have decided. He is very happy to send me there. So, the Lord solved the problem with my choice. He showed me the direction and the way I have to follow. Now, He has to provide for my needs. I do not have the money I need to travel and to live there, but I know He will provide. Every year I am faced with the same challenge when I have to leave and so far He has been faithful in providing for my needs. I just pray that He will do it fast because I am tired of the civilization and I miss so much the quiet and simple jungle life, I miss cooking over an open fire, sleeping in a hut, enjoying the tropical scenery, talking to people and find out things about their culture... He makes everything in His time so I'm waiting.... hoping that I will be soon on the way to the jungles of Vanuatu - my next earthly home for a while. Believe me, I am pretty excited about going there. I am also nervous since I am not going to an established mission like I went to in Guyana. I am going there and I will have to use all the talents that the Lord gave me to draw close to those people and befriend them, to make them my friends and make myself useful. What is really making me nervous is that most probably I will be there ALONE (Sebastian was in a hurry and didn't write too much but he said he will write again soon to give more details, but so far he sent some other missionaries by themselves), alone on an island, without any electricity and internet - I might have signal for my phone but if there is no electricity to charge it, I won't be able to use it for a long time. So, even though I am nervous, I can hardly wait to go and see what life will be like and how God will work in my life there.

So, here I am waiting for God to provide and hoping to be able to leave soon for my new home - because HOME is for me where God wants me to be.:)