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Our Love Story - The Courtship

This is part 5 of our Love Story. 
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When the IMPACT Conference was over, I was relieved. Roman had one and a half more days in Romania, so I was looking forward to spending some time with him. I was also a little disappointed that he did not have an answer from God, but I chose to leave it in God's hands. After the conference was over I heard that he is going to visit Bucharest with some of the speakers. I wished I could go with them, but there was no more room in the car for me. I wished them a nice time together right when they were about to leave. Roman's puzzled expression told me that something was wrong and he was not so excited to go with them anymore. He thought that I would be going, too. So, when he found out that I am not going, he told me that he would rather stay back and spend some time with me. Needless to say, I was more than happy to hear this. The fact that I am important to him and that he would rather spend time with me than go visit new places thrilled my heart and made me feel special. We went out to eat but we ended up buying pizzas and coming back to eat them.

Than we had "the talk". One of those talks that changed my life forever and that showed me that God can do the impossible possible. One and a half days before that, he was not sure if it was God who wanted him to pursue a relationship with me or if it was only his own desire. Now, he told me that he got his answer. He was sure that God has given him green light. 

What happened? How did he get the green light? He talked to one of the speakers of IMPACT and asked him how can he be sure that it is God leading him and not his own desires. The speaker told him two things. First, that God sometimes opens doors and opportunities and we need to use them. Otherwise it might be a long time before another opportunity arrives. Secondly, since he knew both of us a little bit, he could not see why the two of us might not make a good couple. This is exactly what Roman had prayed for - that God will make it very, very clear to him. So he understood that this God's answer to his prayer. 

Courtship was a wonderful time, a time for growing, a time for learning more about each other. We had always said that if we cannot serve God better together, than we have no business to be in this relationship. So we prayed for opportunities to work together. God had opened the opportunity even before we met each other. At the beginning of the year I was asked to go and lead the prayer room for a youth congress in Pretoria, in South Africa. I was also told that I need to find another person to come along with me. So God prepared the first opportunity for us to serve together even before He brought us together. Isn't God awesome?

Our first trip together was not without adventures. We almost missed our first flight. We got stuck in Dubai for a few hours and could not make it for the opening meeting of the congress. But we finally got there and had a blast working together, praying with people from all over the world.We did not know where we were going to stay for the three extra days we spent visiting South Africa, but God provided accommodation in a wonderful way. We met a nice family that opened the door of their house for us and did not want a penny in return. It is wonderful to have brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world and a wonderful God who takes care of everything.

The more I got to know Roman, the more I realized something: I am glad that God chose for me! Cause He knew exactly what I need. If I were to choose myself, I do not think that I would have made the right choice. I always imagined that I would marry a very strong leader, someone who likes to be upfront, someone who is very energetic, a sanguine who loves people. Well, Roman is not like that. But he has many other qualities that I prayed for which are more valuable. He might not be a people's person, but he deeply cares for people, loves to counsel them and help them through their challenges. They know that they can trust him and they can always come to him with their burdens. He might not like to be upfront and he is not a charismatic leader, but he loves to be work behind the stage, there where nobody sees him. He is such a humble and wise guy! And he has a lot of influence on people from his place under the stage. 

So, I have to admit, I would not have chose him in the first place, if I had to make the choice cause I did not know him too well and there was nothing glamorous about him to attract my eye. He did not flirt with me, he did not try to impress me, he did not try to show off his qualities. I am glad that God made the choice for me. Cause Roman is exactly what I need and has all the qualities I have ever prayed for. Now, I am actually happy that he is not the sanguine I envisioned myself married to. And I am happy that he is the humble guy that he is and that God is using him to touch lives from under the stage. I am glad that he does not try to attract people's attention to him. Instead through everything he does he tries to turn their eyes to Jesus.

So, for us it was not love at first sight. There were no sparks in the beginning. In our case love came softly... And I am glad that it was like that. The more I got to know him, the more I fell in love with him... the more I respected him... the closer I was drawn to Jesus. Could I have asked for more? 

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