Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Love Story - The Engagement

This is part 6 of our Love Story. 
If you have not read part 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 you can go here:

December 12 was our 7 months courtship anniversary. I was secretly hoping that we would get engaged since number seven is important for both of us, but the way most of the day went took away all my hopes. We started the morning with people yelling at us for things we have done or not have done. Just a few days prior to that our good friend Martin Kim sent us a presentation about humility... So, as you can see, we had our opportunities to apply that message. The next day the person apologized (and we really appreciated that), but it was enough to take away some of our joy that day. We spent the day shopping for food for an event where we had to organize a meal. And while I was able to get over the incident in a couple of hours, Roman was still affected (actually, there were some other things that were bothering him). He promised me that we will do something special on our anniversary, but when I saw how affected he was I thought that the whole day will be spoiled and I hoped we can do something special the following week. 

We got home around 4 PM. I went to the kitchen to do something and he went to his room "to work on some stuff". Later on I went to his room and knocked on the door. It was strange that he was talking to someone in English and he did seem happy to let me come in. Actually, he kept me at the door. I was a little suspicious, but I put aside all my suspicions. (Later on my suspicions were confirmed... he was talking to my dad asking his permission to marry me). We did not have any lunch and even though we said that we will be eating at 4:30 PM he kept pushing the time... 6:30 PM was the last time he decided on. Later on, when he had to leave the room, he told me not to go to his room because he had a present for me there... Initially I thought that he would take me out to eat, but when we started to warm up the food, I realized that it is not going to happen. It was getting late and I was wondering when will we have time to go somewhere and do something special. It was already 6:30 PM, we had to eat and there seem to be no time for something else. 

When he was ready, he asked me to go with him to his room before we eat. And this is what I found there (btw, the picture do not do it justice - the room was stunning!!!):  

His room was totally changed. There were candles everywhere, a pathway of roses, a table set for two with our picture and some stuff we got in South Africa, with a stone in shape of a heart, and rose petals. I was more than surprised!!! I never expected something like that. We had never had a romantic dinner... And I never really got to see too much of his romantic side... I remember telling him some time ago that he is not very romantic and he told me that this is one of his ways to guard his heart and not lead me on until He clearly understands that he has to move on and take the relationship to the next level... So seeing all these made me speechless... It was more that I could ask for! 

We ate together. Who cared that we were eating the food I had cooked 2 days before (that was tasty, btw), or that someone called me on skype (I did not pick up the call!!!), that someone knocked on the door when he was about to propose (he told them he will call later the person who had call him on the phone), that he could not get me flowers cause I insisted that I go shopping with him or that the present he ordered for me did not make it... We had a very romantic dinner... talked about our journey and how God led us. We reminisced all the wonderful memories we had together. Than he read to me 1 Corinthiens 13. Up to this point I was still not sure what to believe. There were some hints that got me thinking a little - like him holding my hand which we did not really do up to this point (we held hands very, very rarely an when we did it it was more of a hand squeeze for a few seconds). But when he started reading 1 Corinthiens, I knew he is up to something. We have never told each other 'I love you' because we decided to do that only when we got engaged. So I knew that he would not read something about love to me, if he was not ready to take the next step. And it was true. Next thing... he was on one knee asking me to marry him! 

We praise God for how He led us. Two weeks prior to that we fasted for a few days for our future together. I did not know at that time, but Roman told me later on that around that time 3-4 people approached him unbeknownst of each other and asked him why is he not moving forward in our relationship and that they believe it is time he moved on.  

I am so happy to have such a wonderful, humble and God-fearing man in my life. He has shown me Christ more than anyone else. His love for God, his positive attitude and his steadfastness are so contagious.  

We are looking forward to a double celebration on the 8th of June 2014: the celebration of our marriage and the 34 year wedding anniversary of my parents! We pray that God and only God will be glorified through our wedding and our lives. And we are excited to see where God will take us next and what He will do in and through our lives.  

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