Sunday, November 9, 2008


Today it's been three years since I first left for Guyana. First time alone traveling across continents, first time traveling in an airplane, first time being so far away for such a long period of time of my family and friends. I didn't know what the trip will be like and where exactly is the place where I will serve, I didn't know what exactly I will be doing, I didn't speak English fluently but I knew I want to serve. The beginning of the the most challenging and most beautiful time in my life. The beginning of a new life that was going to change me forever.

I went to Guyana not knowing exactly what means to be a missionary or for how long I will be there. It took me just 2-3 weeks to decide that this is what I want to do for my whole life. I have never thought that I will fall in love with the jungle, that I will love to work in the farm, that I will enjoy walking bare feet in the mud, that I will love to do laundry at the river, that I will befriend the bat and rats and cockroaches, that I will fall in love with teaching, that I will find the sens on my existence there. I have never thought I will face so much loneliness and I will also be so happy, that I will miss my family so much when being there but I will miss even more the jungle and its challenges when being at home, that I will love the quietness and peacefulness of the jungle and also the craziness of Georgetown.

I remember so well flying with Gary Roberts above the dense jungle and thinking that I am dreaming. I have never dreamed to meet all this people I have seen on DVDs but here I was, staying quiet and sharing tears of joy for the wonderful way God worked in my life. I have never thought I will one day become a real missionary in the real jungle working with all the heroes I have grown to admire and respect. And here I was, being part of what I have never dreamed of.

Three years of intense training for me, three years of serving, three years when I grew to love sooo much my fellow Amerindians. And I know that these three years are just the beginning.

Though not too many people understand my love for Guyana and for Amerindians, I know God set a burden on my heart and that He wants me there. So, Guyana, I am coming soon!!!!

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